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Supporting the O Museum can be achieved in a variety of impactful ways:


Donate Funds

Our donor funds program(one time, monthly, quarterly or yearly) is a wonderful way to provide the reliable support that is so vital to supporting O Museum\'s programs. Preserving and sharing the creative process is an on-going venture, and to successfully accomplish that we rely on steady, predictable funding. When you make a monthly commitment to the O Street Museum Foundation, it means our curators and staff can remain focused on exploring and sharing all forms of creative expression.

As a non-profit run by volunteers, your donations are vital. They foster remarkable experiences for visitors including heroes, artists, musicians, and patrons, amplifying the museum\'s cultural impact.

Donate Time

O Museum represents a unique blend of art, architecture, literature, and inspiration, offering an immersive and exhilarating experience. We prioritize our visitors, creating an environment where music, art, literature, architecture, and history come alive.

In this space, dreams are realized and imagination thrives. We continuously seek creative, passionate, and hardworking individuals to join our team. Whether you are local or global, your location doesn\'t limit your ability to contribute. We invite you to submit your resume along with a short video or audio clip or even your YouTube links explaining your potential contributions and your motivation for joining us. We value heartfelt applicants eager to learn, offering roles as volunteers and docents.

Donate Items or Artifacts

The items you donate - from books, to jewelry, to furniture - when sold, provide critical support for the foundation\'s operations and programs. 90% of what you see when you visit is donated by patrons like you.

Make A Legacy Planned Gift

What is a Legacy Planned Gift?

A legacy planned gift is a profound and powerful commitment that ensures the future vibrancy of O Museum. By including O Museum in your estate plan, you\'re creating a lasting impact that will benefit future generations. This type of gift secures long-term support for the museum, allowing us to preserve and enrich our offerings for years to come.

How It Works

Your legacy gift will preserve the museum for future generations. Your estate planned gift will be invested into the O Museum Legacy Endowment Fund. The earnings from this fund are used annually to support our vital programs, which promote the arts, bridge cultural divides, and foster understanding through a dynamic fusion of arts, music, science, and sports. This fund ensures that the museum continues as a sanctuary for inspiration, healing and reflection, empowering all ages with creative tools for personal growth, and contributing to a more empathetic society.

How Will My Gift Be Recognized?

We are deeply grateful for our donors\' generosity. To honor those who include O Museum in their estate plans, we have established the O Museum Legacy Circle. Contributors will be recognized with a plaque displayed within the museum, ensuring that visitors and supporters are aware of your lasting legacy. If you prefer to remain anonymous, we will respect your wishes.

How Can I Get More Information?

To include O Museum in your estate plan, we recommend consulting with an estate or tax attorney. For additional non-legal information or to inform us about your planned gift, please contact PlannedGiving@omuseum.org.

Thank you for considering this impactful way to support the O Museum for future generations. Together, we can sustain this vital oasis of creativity and understanding.

What Can We Do For Your Organization

O Museum thrives with the support of our corporate partners, whose contributions are vital to sustaining our operations and initiatives. By aligning with O Museum, your corporation gains a unique opportunity to enhance its visibility, achieve marketing objectives, and establish deep connections within the community.

More frequently you hear the question "What can business do for the arts?", particularly now as the government continues to cut funding for the arts. The O Museum prefers to ask "What can the arts do for business?"

We offer a diverse array of sponsorship opportunities tailored to meet your company's specific marketing and philanthropic ambitions. These strategic partnerships can include:

Art Consulting

Galleries and museums enrich lives by promoting creativity but are often disconnected from daily routines. We bridge this gap with a variety of art services for our corporate sponsors, including exhibitions in your offices, art investment counseling, and flexible art acquisition programs. Our offerings extend to art-based fundraising, promotional campaigns, museum-quality framing, exhibit design and publishing of limited edition branded prints and posters for your global offices

Art Leasing

O Museum integrates art into your business environment, offering a compelling way for companies to enhance their workspace and boost their brand image. Through our museum Art Leasing Program, businesses can lease from a diverse collection of over fifteen thousand artworks and music memorabilia, with pieces sourced globally from posters in Rotterdam to fine paintings in New York.

Regularly rotating exhibits ensure a dynamic and inspiring office atmosphere. Additionally, O Museum provides expert advice on art investments and public exhibitions, tailoring programs to meet both aesthetic and investment needs. This strategic approach not only enriches the corporate environment but also offers a cost-effective method to achieve brand recognition.

Client Enrichment

Offer your clients a unique cultural experience at our events and exhibits or when you host your own private event.

Corporate Partner Program

Join a network of esteemed businesses committed to the arts, culture, and social justice

Corporate Membership Programs

These programs provide companies with benefits such as free admission for employees, invitations to special events, and special tours. Higher tiers might include VIP access to exhibitions, and recognition in museum publications and displays.

Program Sponsorship

Support specific programs that resonate with your company\'s values, such as Artists and Heroes-In-Residence, Intimate Concert Series, Author Talks, Exhibitions

Recognition Programs

Recognition can range from simple acknowledgments in museum materials to inclusion on donor walls, digital displays, or dedicated exhibitions. High-level donors might also be acknowledged in annual reports or have opportunities for public acknowledgment during major museum events.

Partnering with O Museum not only helps preserve and promote diverse cultural expressions but also positions your brand as a leader in corporate responsibility and community engagement. Join us in making a difference-contact us today to explore how your corporation can participate in shaping the future of the arts and our community.

Be Inspired

Be Inspired
[Gerald Johnson]
Exhibit Spotlight

Gerald Johnson's art can be found in the National Gallery of Art, The White House, and the Treasury Department, as well as over three hundred corporate collections in America, Europe and China.

He was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and now lives in the DC area. He earned his fine arts degree and completed his graduate studies in printmaking and painting at Carnegie-Mellon University and the University of North Carolina.

"The O Museum has challenged my creativity and championed my art. Every artist's dream is to find a receptive audience for their work. Thirty years ago, carrying 10 tiny collages into this mysterious house on O Street I found that audience; always saying "Do what is in your heart."

Be Inspired
[Mamie Till-Mobley]
Hero Spotlight

Mamie Till-Mobley, part of The O Museum's Heroes-In-Residence program, stayed in The Country Room. Her son, Emmett Till, was abducted and brutally murdered. Mamie insisted on an open-casket funeral to expose the brutality of the crime. Reverend Jesse Jackson, also a Hero-In-Residence here said, "With his body water-soaked and defaced, most people would have kept the casket covered. [His mother] let the body be exposed... At that time his funeral was the largest single civil rights demonstration in American history."

This tragedy, and the public reaction to it, inspired Rosa Parks to refuse to give up her bus seat 100 days later, accelerating the civil rights movement. Both Parks and Mamie Till-Mobley, spurred by their experiences, became close friends.

Be Inspired
[Gibson Guitars]
Exhibit Spotlight

This guitar was a wedding gift to H & Ted from Les Paul. In keeping with O Museum’s spirit he signed it upside down.

A history of innovation and quality has led Gibson guitars to become the premier supplier of guitars the world over.  Their rich sound, innovative design and legendary models have become classics, and are a testament to Gibson's wide appeal, spanning more than four decades of music styles.

Thanks to the generous donations of Gibson of over 60 guitars, O Museum’s collection now includes over 100 signed instruments.

Be Inspired
[John Lennon]

Legendary songwriter, musician, artist and pacifist John Lennon embodies the mission of O Museum through his own personal journey of evolution and exploration. Lennon promotion of peace and love though his lyrics, music and performance art. O Museum is proud to continue his efforts and pay tribute to this visionary with a collection that includes art, architecture, letters and rare studio performances that showcase his genius.

Our support of Jonhn Lennon's mission extends beyond the O Museum. When The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame needed help funding an exclusive exhibit focused on John Lennon, H.H. Leonards, founder of O Museum raised $1.5 million to help bring this exhibit to life.

Be Inspired
[Davie Heck]
Hero Spotlight

Korean War veteran Davie Heck (the soul of the O) transitioned from military to civilian life with challenges, turning to alcohol and drugs. After an arrest for passing out in his car, he was jailed and then sent to a halfway house. Recommended by a judge to work at the O during the day, Davie eventually requested to stay with us, becoming a part of of heroes program.

Davie lived here for 25 years, becoming a beloved figure and mentor to all he met His warm smile and genuine personality, became a mainstay beacon of hope to all who came to the O Museum in the Mansion.

Davie entered our life, and became our saving grace. His journey reminds us that nothing in life is random and there's a purpose in what life brings.

Be Inspired
[Luis Alvarez]
Hero Spotlight

Heartfelt Partners

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